Race Communications has carried out the modernization of the PBX in the GC "COSMOS".

Race-Communication LLC has carried out the modernization of the old Alcatel 4300 PBX installed in JSC GC COSMOS by installing and connecting the latest Omni PCX Enterprise station manufactured by Alcatel-Lucent Concern.

The choice of the PBX manufacturer was obvious, because the specialists of JSC GC COSMOS have experience in operating an Alcatel PBX of an earlier modification, and also believe that the functionality of the Alcatel-Lucent Omni PCX Enterprise PBX is most acceptable for hotel complexes, since this convergent platform allows for stable and continuous operation of various services for both guests and and for the employees of JSC "GC "COSMOS".

The interaction of Omni PCX Enterprise with the Property Management System class software designed for hotel management is carried out using the high-level AHL protocol (AlcatelHospitalityLink), the support of which is built into the PMS systems of many manufacturers (for example, Fidelio). Omni PCX Enterprise has the ability to upgrade and increase the subscriber capacity to 15,000 (fifteen thousand) subscribers, including 10,000 IP subscribers. The Alcatel-Lucent Omni PCX Enterprise PBX has the highest level of reliability in its class: 99.999%, it is possible to use digital telephones of various modifications (including IP telephone terminals), it is possible to connect digital subscribers and DECT base stations.

The PBX configuration installed in JSC "GC COSMOS" allows you to implement the function of "hot" redundancy of the main processor module and power supplies, the possibility of autonomous operation of the PBX is provided in the absence of external centralized power supply for at least 2 (two) hours.

The equipment included in the PBX complies with the State Standards of the Russian Federation, as well as international standards for electrical safety, levels of electromagnetic radiation, noise, vibration, energy conservation, etc. The Alcatel-Lucent Omni PCX Enterprise PBX has certificates of compliance with GOST-R Gosstandart of Russia.

The supply of equipment and all the necessary work on the installation and configuration of the PBX for JSC GC COSMOS were completed within the time limits set by the Contract.

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