Race Communications offers a voice board with increased port density for Motorola Vanguard products.

Internet and Networking Group (former
    the name of the Information Systems Group) of Motorola has started the
industrial production of dual-port voice
    boards, the retail price of which is in the company Race Communications
    is $681. The new board satisfies
    requirements of those users who
    a high density of telephone ports is required
    in Vanguard 320 and 6400 devices, widely used in
    remote offices and branches.


    "Motorola is meeting the wishes
of users using transmission technologies
    voice over IP and Frame Relay, doubling the number of telephone
ports in products for branches," she noted
    Jennifer Pigg, Marketing analyst
    Yankee Group. The release of a new product is even more
    strengthens Motorola's position as a manufacturer
    network voice and data integration tools at
all levels starting from remote offices and


    Motorola not only increases the density of phone
ports in one device, but also installs
    a new price benchmark. If the majority
    manufacturers offer solutions for transmission
    voices over data networks at a price from $750 to $1200 per
port, then with the release of the new Motorola board, the price
    connecting one phone is reduced to $340.


    "1,100 dual-port boards have already been ordered today,"
said Rick Lane, vice president of the division
    Multiservice Networking Division (former name of Networking Systems
    Division). - Our customers want more widely
    use Voice over IP and
Fame Relay applications. They are convinced of the advantages
of packet voice networks, that it
provides cost savings, and strive to
    develop your business without increasing the cost of
    long-distance telephone conversations".


    Motorola voice solutions based on the Vanguard family
    meet the requirements of standardization and
compatibility. Guarantee transparency
    complex systems can only be adhered to
    standards adopted in traditional telephony. To
this end, Motorola products provide support
    G. voice compression algorithms .723.1 and G.729 approved
    by the ITU Committee, as well as management standards
    H. calls323.


    Race Communications Company, the best distributor of Motorola ING
    in Central and Eastern Europe, already supplies
    to its partners and customers a new two-port
    a board for Vanguard devices. Now in solutions,
    which are offered by Race Communications, one of the leading
    russian system integrators, number
    telephone ports can be up to four in
Vanguard 320 devices and six in Vanguard 6400 devices.
    Even higher port density is provided by
    devices for regional offices Motorola MPRouter 6520
    and 6560: up to 16 analog and up to 28 digital phone
ports in one device!


Race Communications specializes in
    system integration in the field of corporate and
telecommunication systems. Company
    offers solutions based on products and
technologies of the world's leading manufacturers
    network and computer equipment and software
    Software: Motorola ING, PairGain, Cisco, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, RAD Data,
    MultiTech, Eicon, APC, Novell, Citrix, Patton Electronics, etc. More
    For more information about Race Communications, please
    to find out by phone (495) 785-0770, on the Web server www.race.ru or by email corp@race.ru .

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