Race Communications offers Megabit Modem 701G at the price of Megabit Modem 300S.

Race Communications announces the launch of a special program pricing for Megabit Modem 701G devices from ADC. As part of the program, Race Communications customers will be able to purchase MM 701G with support for the progressive G.SHDSL standard at the price of popular SDSL modems Megabit Modem 300S, using the most common encoding today 2B1Q.

The G.SHDSL standard uses linear encoding TC-PAM, which differs from the types of modulation 2B1Q and CAP widely used today by improved spectral and electromagnetic compatibility with signals most often transmitted over multi-pair telephone cables, including analog telephony, analog modems, ISDN, ICM-30 systems, etc. In addition, TC-PAM modulation provides a transmission range approximately 10% longer than CAP and 20% longer than 2B1Q.

The MM701G device supports as a bridge function (bridging), and IP routing (ARP, RIP, TCP/IP, IP over ATM), whereas MM300S performs bridging only. Besides, The MM701G provides a maximum data transfer rate of 2.3 Mbit/s, while the MM300S provides only 2 Mbit/s. New The DSL modem is equipped with a 10BaseT Ethernet port, the software is stored in flash memory and can be updated using the TFTP protocol. Security is achieved by using PAP/CHAP authentication.

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