Race Communications introduces a new family of Cisco 2800 routers.

Race Communications begins deliveries of a new series of modular Cisco 2800 routers, which combines rich service integration capabilities and comprehensive security. The routers of the series have high performance, support new high-speed expansion modules and interface cards of the new generation HWIC.

Cisco 2800 routers are the development of the 2600XM and 1751-V/1760-V series, taking into account the increasing requirements for multiservice data transmission networks and the emergence of new network applications. The scope of the Cisco 2800 is small and medium—sized offices that require support for voice services, integrated data transmission of voice and video traffic, as well as security. In addition, the new models of the 2800 series, compared with the previous ones, have significantly increased the bandwidth of expansion slots, almost 5 times increased overall performance, added additional features.

The modular architecture of Cisco 2800 routers provides flexibility in implementation and investment protection. In addition to the new high-speed modules with high port density, the Cisco 2800 also supports more than 90 already released expansion modules previously available for models of the 1700, 2600XM and 3700 series.

Recently, routers have played an important role in ensuring the security of networks and the confidentiality of communications. Integrated support for security systems together with the use of Cisco IOS Advanced Security feature set software provide comprehensive protection thanks to such mechanisms as Firewall software functionality, intrusion prevention system, VPN hardware encryption, support for SSH v protocols.2 and SNMPv3. Built-in support for voice functions and high density of voice ports — a distinctive feature of the new Cisco Systems router series. The Cisco 2800 family, as well as the Cisco 3800 models, has slots placed on the motherboard for installing modules with voice DSP processors. Cisco 2800 supports CCME and SRST solutions. The maximum number of IP phones for the Cisco 2851 model is 96.

The Cisco 2800 router family includes 4 models: 2801, 2811, 2821 and 2851. The table provides more detailed information on the models of the family.

28012811 2821 2851 Built-in Ethernet ports
2 x 10/100 2 x 10/100/1000
Slots for interface cards 4* 4 for HWIC, WIC, VIC or VWIC cards
Slots for network modules no 1 for NM or NME modules 1 for NM, NME or NME-X modules 1 for NM, NME, NME-X, NMD or NME-XD modules
Voice EVM slot no 1
Integrated AIM slots 2
Integrated PVDM (DSP) 2 3
Integrated hardware encryption module there is
DRAM memory capacity (standard/max.), Mb 128/384 256/760 256/1Gb
Flash memory capacity (standard/max.), Mb 64/128 64/256
Optional in-line power (PoE) integration is available
Height in RU 1RU 2RU
The cost of the router**$1,995 $2,495 $3,895 $6,495

* — 2 of the 4 slots support HWIC, WIC, VIC or VWIC cards, 1 slot is designed for installing only VIC or VWIC interface cards and 1 slot supports installing WIC, VIC or VWIC cards.
** — the price is indicated according to the GPL price list for October 2004.The cost of routers is indicated in the table, deliveries from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 6-8 weeks.

October 2004

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