Race Communications took part in the 18th Annual SatComRus 2013 Conference.

Race Communications specialists took part in the 18th annual conference of operators and users of the satellite communications and broadcasting network of the Russian Federation "SatComRus 2013", held at the Congress Center of the SEZ "Dubna" and the CCC Dubna on October 16-17. The conference was organized by FSUE "Space Communications" with the assistance of the Center for Research of Post-Industrial Society.

The Ku-band mobile satellite antenna of the Fly Away class was demonstrated at the conference. The SNARK-100 wearable satellite antenna allows you to organize access to the satellite network almost anywhere. Immediately after deployment and guidance, you can connect to the Internet or a corporate network, receive and transmit data, organize audio and video conferences, carry out video broadcasting, etc.

The modular design and compactness make the antenna suitable for any type of transportation, including manual carrying. The ease of assembly and convenient guidance system ensure the fastest deployment and installation of communication. The satellite modem in the outdoor version is installed directly on the antenna, long RF cables and protection from weather conditions are not required. The manual guidance controller allows you to quickly point the antenna without additional devices. The SNARK-100 can be supplied with various additional options, including a rechargeable power supply that provides more than 20 hours of battery life.

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