Race Communications took part in the SATRUS-2010 conference.

Race-Communication took part in the 15th annual conference of operators and users of the satellite communication and broadcasting network SATRUS-2010, held in Moscow on September 22-23. The conference was organized by FSUE "Space Communications" and ComNews Conferences.

The conference was attended by: Minister of Communications and Mass Communications Igor Shchegolev, representatives of regulatory authorities of the Russian Federation, representatives of Russian and foreign equipment manufacturers, satellite communication operators, TV and radio companies and broadcast network operators, system integrators, consultants and industry experts, representatives of companies-consumers of satellite communication services.

The conference discussed the prospects for the development of satellite communication networks; national programs for the development of satellite groupings, trends and prospects for the development of regional, national and global satellite communication networks using VSAT technology, modern global mobile satellite communication systems in the Russian Federation.

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