Race Communications has started construction for the construction of a CS in Novosibirsk.

Race Communications has started the construction of a central satellite communications station (CS) using LinkStar technology (ViaSat, USA) in Novosibirsk. The CSZ will use the resource of the Express AM33 satellite (96.5° VD) in the Ku-band. TSS in Novosibirsk will allow users to provide modern telecommunication services via satellite communication channels, such as: broadband Internet, digital telephony, videoconferencing, VPN connections, etc.

The coverage area of the Express AM 33 satellite allows the use of small Earth stations (MSS) with an antenna diameter of no more than 1.2 m on the territory of Western, Central and Eastern Siberia. The installation of a MSS with a small antenna diameter significantly reduces the cost of communication services for corporate customers, government and departmental structures, especially in cases where ground-based it is impossible or economically impractical to provide communication channels.

Next news
Race Communications has started work on the construction of the 2nd stage of the data transmission network of the ASKUE of GAZPROM.