Race Communications has become a beta tester for Motorola.

Race Communications Company, specializing in system integration in areas of corporate systems, received the status The Official Beta Tester (Official Beta Test Site) of the Information Systems division (Information Systems Group) of Motorola, the world's leading manufacturer telecommunication devices. As noted Gabriel Ducille, Representative Office Manager Motorola ISG in Central and Eastern Europe, Russian system integrator Race Communications, “being an Accredited distributor Motorola, over the years of cooperation with us has shown deep knowledge of access devices, modems and network management systems manufactured by Motorola". Many enterprises in Russia and neighboring countries, including Gazprom, Sberbank, Telecommunications, etc., successfully use communication infrastructures designed, built and serviced by Race Communications specialists

Andrey Baranov, Development Manager Motorola ISG business in Russia, believes that the increase Race Communications status is a logical development Motorola's relationship with one of its best business partners in Europe. Race engineers helped designers of Motorola “bring” operational By MPRouter regional hubs, the first in Europe has started testing the technology RemoteVU video monitoring, independently develop a billing system for devices network access.

Together with the notification of assignment the status of the Official beta tester company Race Communications received an invitation to the final testing of a new, substantially redesigned version of the Motorola network management system — the 9000 Open Management System 4.0 platform. “We will certainly let's take advantage of this invitation,” he said Race Communications Product Manager MISG Rafael Shamiev. In April, the company's specialists will go to the Motorola laboratory in Mansfield, the doors of which they will be opened for the first time for engineers from Russia.

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Press release: Race Communications has confirmed the status of an Accredited distributor of Motorola ISG.