Race starts delivering Cisco Catalyst 3550 with inline-power support.

Company Race Communications begins deliveries of the new Cisco Catalyst 3550 switch. This is the first model of the new Cisco Catalyst 3550 family with support for inline-power technology.

New intelligent services are implemented in Cisco Catalyst 3550 family switches :

  • High-speed IP routing

  • Quality assurance Maintenance (QoS)

  • Lane management port clearances

  • Increased network safety

  • Group traffic management

Inline-power technology allows you to supply power for IP phones or Cisco Aironet wireless access points via the same wires that are used for data transmission. This ensures a reduction in the total cost of solutions built using these subscriber devices due to the following factors:

  • Using centralized provision power supply

  • Ease of placement equipment, since in places there is no equipment location the need for wall electrical outlets

  • Refusal to use other wires for the power supply of subscriber devices

In addition to the new switch, support for inline-power technology is implemented in the switches:

  • Cisco Catalyst 4000/4500 and 6500 Series

  • 16 and 36 ports switched network modules for Cisco routers

  • Cisco 24-port switch Catalyst 3524-PWR XL

To connect subscriber devices or workstations to the Cisco Catalyst 3550-24 PWR switch, 24 fixed ports 10/100. The power supply to devices connected to these ports is carried out automatically if this device is capable of receiving power using inline-power technology. As with most switches included in the Cisco Catalyst 3550 series, in addition to fixed 10/100 ports, the new switch also has two slots for gigabit media converters (GBICs).

The Catalyst 3550-24 PWR switch is supplied either with the standard version SMI software (Standard Multilayer Software Image), or with an extended version of EMI software (Enhanced Multilayer Software Image).

The standard version of the software includes basic functions:

  • Improved QoS mechanisms

  • Access Lists (ACLs)

  • Static IP routing

  • Dynamic Routing Protocol RIP

The extended version of the software includes additional functions:

  • IP routing of regular and group traffic

  • WCCP protocol support

When buying a switch with a standard software version (SMI), there is a possibility of further upgrading to an extended version (EMI). To do this , you need to purchase an upgrade kit CD-3550-EMI=.

The Catalyst WS-C3550-24 PWR switch is available to order, delivered from the Race warehouse Communications in Moscow or within 6-8 weeks. Below is information on the cost of switches with different software versions.

ModelShort description



24 ports 10/100 + 2 GBIC slots, installed ACCORDING TO SMI, further upgrade to EMI



24 ports 10/100 + 2 GBIC slots, installed BY EMI



Upgrading the standard version of the software SMI to Extended EMI


* Prices are indicated in accordance with Cisco Global Price List

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