Race begins deliveries of the G.HSDSL modem/router TAINET Scorpio 1510SE.

Since August 2003
Race Communications begins deliveries of the Scorpio 1510SE SHDSL modem
, an inexpensive device from the new TAINET line with
a built-in bridge/router.

Scorpio 1510SE is designed to work with DSLSAM
any manufacturer that supports
the recommendation ITU-T G.991.2. The use
of TC-PAM linear coding in this modem (Trellis coded Pulse
Amplitude Modulation) with an overlapping, but asymmetric
distribution of the spectral density of the signal,
reduced the probability of errors and allowed to obtain
a margin of about 5 dB, which gave
a total increase in data transmission
distance by 30% compared to popular HDSL / SDSL systems.

Using Scorpio 1510SE, it is possible
to organize high-speed and, at the same time,
economical communication channels over one copper pair
with a transmission rate from 192kbit/s to 2304kbit/s in
full-duplex mode over a distance
determined by the quality of the line.

The cost of the Scorpio 1510SE is $250, delivered from
the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6

Full description of Scorpio 1510SE

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