Race begins deliveries of IPower Executive and IPower 600.

Race Communications company starts deliveries of new videoconferencing systems Polycom of the IPower family. IPower 600 and IPower Executive are systems that are distinguished by convenience, versatility and unique technologies that provide high quality audio and video signals.

The compact and multi -purpose IPower 600 VCS terminal, as well as its personal version IPower Executive, which has an integrated removable camera+microphone module and two 15" LCD monitors, offer a whole range of functions and characteristics that significantly expand the scope of traditional ideas about video conferencing. IPower Executive can work as a videoconferencing system and, at the same time, act as a multifunctional computer. IPower 600 systems have a complete set that is adapted to almost any workplace: the terminal can be located on the top of a conventional desktop monitor or, for example, mounted on the wall next to the projector screen. The most modern design of IPower series systems ensures ergonomics, and the PC-based architecture makes it easy to collaborate with data - spreadsheets, documents, corporate databases, network files, Web resources, etc.

The Sure Connect™ and Network Optimizer™ technologies patented within the IPower series perfectly help to initiate and support calls, and the People+Content™ technology processes incoming information differentially to achieve optimal video quality. The Siren™ algorithm 14 provides high-quality audio, which in terms of characteristics can be comparable to the sound of a compact disc (CD). Support for ISDN and IP networks, powerful system SNMP-based controls, and an intuitive user interface common to all models of the IPower family , allow you to focus entirely on the conference without thinking about technological problems.

IPower 600 series videoconferencing systems and IPower personal systems Executive combines unprecedented functionality and versatility, while remaining exceptionally easy to use and manage, which certainly characterizes them as a unique video conferencing tool, ideal for any office or small boardroom.

The cost of Polycom IPower 600 in the basic configuration is $ 9900, IPower Executive $ 11500. Delivery from a warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

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