Race begins deliveries of entry-level routers Vanguard 150.

Race Communications begins deliveries of new routers from Vanguard MS. Vanguard 150 devices are available in a fixed configuration and are used to connect small and medium-sized offices to the data transmission network.

The new family of routers Vanguard 150 provides high-speed access to data networks and the Internet via ADSL or G. SHDSL, as well as via serial interface (Serial). The new generation of QoS functions and the use of modern xDSL technologies make it possible to achieve efficient and optimal use of network infrastructures. Models with redundant connection via the ISDN switched line are offered. The built-in monitoring of QoS indicators provides a full-fledged analysis of network traffic.

Vanguard 150 routers have a wide range of network traffic protection functions, in particular IP VPN, IPsec security protocol, DES, 3DES, AES cryptography protocols using keys up to 256 bits. The Firewall function integrated into the system provides filtering and analysis of data packets transported over the network.

The functions of the CLI (Commande-Line Interface) significantly facilitate the deployment and technical support of the network, help to quickly and economically build a network infrastructure, which is an important advantage for small offices.

The Vanguard 150 router family is based on a modular hardware platform, which allows you to produce basic models with various combinations of interfaces: a 5-port Ethernet switch, a V.xx serial port, an E1 port, an ISDN or PSTN backup interface.

A wide range of supported applications, modular design and low cost make the Vanguard 150 routers an effective, competitive solution for both small and medium-sized businesses and branches of distributed corporations.

The cost of the Vanguard 150 is from $680, depending on the configuration, delivery from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 6 weeks.

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