Race begins deliveries of a new line of Cisco 1800 routers.

Race Communications begins deliveries of a new line of Cisco Systems routers. The Cisco1800 series is the successor to the well-known Cisco1700 series. The Cisco1841 router — the first representative of the new family — is designed for secure connection of small offices. Cisco1841 offers a five-fold increase in performance, integrated hardware acceleration of encryption, high-speed expansion card slots. At the same time, compatibility with most previously released expansion network cards remains.

Cisco1841 has built-in hardware support for encryption protocols. Currently supported protocols are DES, 3DES, Advanced Encryption Standard [AES], Dynamic Multipoint VPN [DMVPN], Network Admission Control [NAC], SSH v.2, SNMP. Additional Cisco IOS Software security image software allows you to activate the Firewall software firewall functions on the router, antivirus protection functions and Intrusion Detection system functions — Intrusion Detection System [IDS].

Main FeaturesDRAM

128 MB (384 MB maximum)
FLASH 32 MB (128 max)
External drives External Compact Flash
Expansion Slots 2 slots for WIC and HWIC modules
1 internal slot for the AIM module
Voice support No
Fixed ports 2 10/100 Mb Ethernet ports
USB Ports 1 USB 1.1 standard port 
Additional ports 1 Auxiliary Port up to 115.2 kbit/s
1 Console Port up to 115.2 kbit/s
Integrated hardware
acceleration of encryption

Orders for the Cisco1841 router have been accepted since September 2004, the first shipments are expected to arrive in October. The cost of Cisco1841 according to the GPL price list is $ 1395, deliveries from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 6-8 weeks.

September 2004

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