Race starts deliveries of new DECT/GAP phones from Siemens.

Race presents the latest series of digital wireless phones of the DECT/GAP Siemens Gigaset standard with a new attractive design. Mobility and high communication quality, combined with providing quick access to the station's functions, make Gigaset devices a universal communication tool in the corporate telephone network.

All phone models are equipped with an alphanumeric display with a Russian-language menu, a notebook, a speakerphone built into the handset and a digital answering machine. The entire Gigaset line includes functions for repeating the last ten dialed numbers, a shortened set of saved numbers, number identification with the possibility of compiling a list of unwanted calls, registration of up to six handsets on one base.

In addition to the functions implemented in the younger models, the Gigaset C200/250 and Gigaset S100/150 devices have the ability to register one tube on 4 bases, provide communication between two tubes at a distance of up to 300 meters without a base station and have a room acoustic monitoring mode.

The older models - Siemens Gigaset S100/150 - are equipped with an extended notebook, have an auto-dial function and a Jog-Shuttle, which provides comfortable navigation through the phone menu and quick access to station functions.

The cost of the phones is shown in the table, delivery from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.



 TelephoneCost  Gigaset C100
$ 110 
 Gigaset C200 $ 132 
 Gigaset S100 $ 154 



 TelephoneCost  Gigaset C150
$ 135 
 Gigaset C250 $ 165 
 Gigaset S150 $ 209 



Description of Siemens Gigaset C100/150

Description of Siemens Gigaset C200/250

Description of Siemens Gigaset S100/150

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