Race begins deliveries of Vista VX videoconferencing system.

Race Communications begins deliveries of the VTEL Vista terminal VX, which is an open PC-based video conferencing system made in a low-profile case that allows Vista VX to be mounted into a standard 19” rack. The platform is equipped with a CD-RW drive, one COM port, a controlled camera and an omnidirectional microphone.

A feature of the system is the VTEL QuickTouch wireless control tool. This device is a combined remote control, which, when the upper panel is opened, transforms into a standard PC keyboard, where key control functions are available through logically grouped buttons.

Optionally , up to 3 USB ports can be installed in the VTEL Vista VX, as well as the ISDN QuadBRI communication interface, according to the recommendation of H.320 (by default, H.323 is used with a transfer rate of 1920 kbit/s). The system can additionally be equipped with an IEEE 802.11.b wireless card. The cost of Vista VX is from $13,500, delivered from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

Full description of the system Vtel Vista VX

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