Race begins deliveries of Vanguard 342.

Race Communications has been accepting orders for the supply of Vanguard 342 multiservice routers since February 2003. The routers are available in a compact desktop case with an external power source. There are two Ethernet ports on the system board 10/100 BaseT, Serial (universal programmable port V.24/V.35/V.36/X.21, up to 2 Mbit/s) and console port. Flash memory is used to store the OS with a capacity of 4 MB (expandable to 8 MB), S-DRAM RAM has a capacity of 32 MB.

Two connectors are used to install standard daughter boards: Serial, ISDN BRI Data, Fractional E1 (for data transmission); 2/4 Port FXS, 4 Port FXO, 1 Port FXO/FXS, 2 Port E&M, ISDN BRI S0 (for voice over IP and Frame Relay). Like all devices Vanguard, Model 342 runs the Motorola Open Networking System operating system.

Retail price of the Motorola device Vanguard 342 in the minimum configuration is $2290, delivered from the Race warehouse Communications in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

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