Race offers a new version of the S91 board from the EiconCard family.

Race Communications announces the start of deliveries of a new version of the S91 board from the EiconCard family manufactured by Eicon Networks.

Now the S91 V2 board (product code 306-203) has received support for PCI 2.2 bus with 3.3 V power supply and a clock frequency of 66 MHz. All other features of the board are similar to the characteristics of the previously developed S91-S/T board (code 310-205) for PCI bus with 5 V power supply and 33 MHz clocking: this is the main universal serial V port.24/35/36/11 , backup ISDN S/T port with automatic establishment of a dial-up connection in case of an accident on the main connection, own processor to reduce the load on the CPU of the workstation or server, support in the main operating systems.

In 2003, Eicon Networks released the S94 V2 card from the EiconCard family and several DIVA Server family cards for the PCI 2.2 bus.

The retail price of the S91 V2 board is $1558, delivered from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

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