Race offers new network modules for providing Circuit Emulation over IP (CEoIP) services.

The new Cisco NM-CEM-4TE1 and NM-CEM-4SER modules are designed for installation in Cisco multiservice routers of the 3700, 2600XM series and the 3660 model. The modules allow transparent transmission of streaming data over IP networks and are completely independent of the protocols used in the data stream and the structure of its organization. This transparency allows you to transport various signals over IP networks, including:

  • Encrypted data streams
  • Synchronous and asynchronous data streams using specialized or non-standard protocols
  • Emulate the provision of dedicated line services in urban and operator networks

The principle of operation of CEoIP modules is as follows: a sequence of bits received on one side of an IP network is encapsulated in IP packets and transmitted unchanged to the other side. To prioritize these IP packets, a wide range of quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms are supported, including IP DSCP, IP ToS, and IP Precedence. A configurable de-jiter buffer is used on the receiving side to ensure a constant rate of the output stream of the transported data. In order to reduce the required bandwidth, the LZS (Lempel-Zif-Stac) data compression algorithm can be used.

The NM-CEM-4SER model is designed for transporting synchronous or asynchronous data streams over IP networks. Each of the 4 smart serial interfaces of the module supports one single bit stream with a speed from 200 bits/s to 2 Mbit/s. 55 speed ratings are supported in this range. Depending on the cable used, the module ports can use the main set of control signals of the serial interface or an extended set of control signals.

The NM-CEM-4TE1 model is designed for transporting E1/T1 flows and has 4 E1/T1 interfaces. 2 flow organization options are supported on each of the interfaces:

  • Unframed mode, when the bit stream is transported completely and is not sorted by slots
  • A mode in which channel groups consisting of a set of E1/T1 stream slots are organized on the physical interface

Such streams can be transported independently to their channel receiver, where they can be terminated not necessarily on E1/T1, but also on a module with serial interfaces. One NM-CEM-4TE1 module supports up to 64 channel groups.

The required minimum version of Cisco IOS software is 12.3(7)T SP Services and higher for models of the 2600XM, 3700, and 12.3(7)T IP Plus series and higher for Cisco 3660.

The cost of modules according to the GPL price list is $4000. Delivery from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 6-8 weeks.

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