Race presents the Avaya 4630 IP phone.

The 4630 IP phone is a unique development of the Avaya Labs team. The device has a large graphic color touch screen display with six on-screen menus that provide the user interface of the phone, four fixed buttons for controlling the functions of the speakerphone, 5 logic lines, a built-in Ethernet Hub, an infrared port for integration with PDA and mobile PC applications.

The built-in browser with XML language support and function keys allow you to use the phone to access voice mail, call logs, information in standard HTML format ( mainly for access to corporate Web pages organized according to certain rules) and other applications.

The Avaya 4630 series multichannel business phone can be used in help and dispatch services, call centers, CRM systems, wherever high-quality call service with additional service is required.

The cost of Avaya 4630 is $ 870, delivered from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

Full description Avaya 4630 IP phone

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