Race introduces a new Supervisor Engine II-Plus-TS module for Cisco Catalyst 4500 series switches.

Race Communications introduces a new Supervisor Engine II-Plus-TS module for the Cisco Catalyst 4503 switch, with enhanced scalability and functionality. The performance of the Cisco Catalyst 4503 switch, equipped with a new management module, is 48 million packets per second, and the bandwidth of the module reaches 64 Gbit/s.

Supervisor Engine II-Plus-TS has 12 10/100/1000 BaseT ports with support for PoE power supply technology and 8 slots for Gigabit SFP media converters. This allows you to increase the total capacity of the Cisco Catalyst 4503 to 116 Gigabit ports, which ensures a high level of performance, flexibility, security and reliability.

Switch management with the new Supervisor Engine II-Plus-TS module, in addition to standard tools such as SNMP, the use of the command line (CLI), the built-in functionality of CiscoView or the CiscoWorks management system, can also be performed with new tools designed to simplify the process of configuring and managing the switch and the network. Among them, we can mention Cisco Network Assistant - a set of tools implemented in the form of a graphical web interface that can manage not only one, but also a group of switches. The Data, Voice, Video and Security Configuration Wizard allows you to quickly configure and configure a switch that meets the most modern requirements of the network infrastructure. The possibility of external (out-of-band) control is also supported by means of a 10/100 port with an RJ-45 connector located on the front panel.

Using Supervisor Engine II-Plus-TS modules in Cisco Catalyst 4503 switches reduces operating costs, simplifies network maintenance and management. In addition, the ability to add services without changing equipment protects the initial investment.

The comparative characteristics of the Cisco Catalyst Supervisor Engines II-Plus and Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine II-Plus-TS modules are shown in the table.

Module Supervisor Engine II-Plus Supervisor Engine II-Plus-TS
Supported platforms/Chassis Cisco Catalyst 4006, 4503, 4506, 4507R Cisco Catalyst 4503
Maximum throughput in the Cisco Catalyst 4503 chassis 28 Gbps 64 Gbps
Data transfer to the Cisco Catalyst 4503 chassis 21 Mpps 48 Mpps
Number of module ports 2 GBIC slots 12 ports 10/100/1000 802.3af PoE, 8 SFP slots
Redundancy options Yes (only for the Catalyst 4507R model) No
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