Race presents the Siemens HiPath PBX series.

Race Communications introduces a new PBX family HiPath 3000C, which is announced as the official receiver of the popular line of PBX Hicom 150 Office.

The new product was created based on the rich experience of Siemens and taking into account the latest requirements for a modern digital telephone exchange. The HiPath 3000 family is an integrated speech and data transmission solution. Compared to the Hicom 150 Office, the design of the wall models has not changed much. However, a fundamentally new line of 19-inch stations has appeared, the possibilities for the use of DECT wireless systems have significantly expanded, as well as the integration of the HiPath 3000 system with the SPD of the enterprise. In addition, HiPath 3300/3350/3500/3550 models have added 2 BRI interfaces, which are included in the standard delivery.

PBX Model Compliance TableHiPath 3000 family

Hicom 150 family

HiPath 3750

Hicom 150 Office Pro

HiPath 3700 (19”)

No match

HiPath 3550

Hicom 150 Office Com

HiPath 3500 (19”)

No match

HiPath 3350

Hicom 150 Office Point

HiPath 3300 (19”)

No match

Delivery of Siemens HiPath 3000 PBX it is carried out from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 6-8 weeks. Since the first quarter of 2003, Siemens ICN has not accepted orders for Hicom 150 Office series digital PBX.

Description of models of digital PBX family Hipath 3000:

HiPath 3750HiPath 3700
HiPath 3550
HiPath 3500
HiPath 3350
HiPath 3300

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