Race is a Content Engine network module for Cisco routers.

Race Communication begins deliveries of a fundamentally new network module for Cisco 2600, 3600, 3700 series routers. The Content Engine module is a solution for optimizing WAN traffic based on caching user requests.

This module is compatible with all Cisco IOS routers, supports features such as multicast and WCCP (Web Cache Control Protocol - cached data management protocol). The use of caching allows you to save the bandwidth of the remote office communication channel for resource-intensive applications such as Voice over IP.

The Content Engine occupies one slot for the network module. Models with 20 GB and 40 GB hard drives are available, as well as a model that supports the SCSI interface. In the latter case, you can use external storage devices, for example, Cisco SA-6. The Content Engine module extends the existing line of requested data management products, such as Cisco CE 500 and Content Engine 7300.

The Content Engine network module with the ACNS software version 4.2 optimizes the delivery of Web data, provides the specified quality of service, availability of resources and the required performance. In the software product ACNS uses technologies for both simple caching of transmitted data (transparent caching) and intelligent delivery of streaming voice and video data. For centralized management of the caching procedure, it is possible to use Cisco Content Distribution Manager (CDM), for routing data streams - Cisco Content Router, while the Content Engine module delivers and processes data.

By combining routing and data management functions in one device, significant savings in WAN connection costs are achieved, simplifying configuration and reducing the cost of the final solution, as well as:

  • Save space - to connect the Content Engine the module uses one network slot
  • Easy connection - power supply and its reservation is carried out for router account
  • Using a single interface management - the module is configured from the Cisco IOS command line
  • Use by choice of either external, or an internal network interface - it is possible to use as an internal Fast Ethernet interface to the router's data bus , and external Fast Ethernet, connected to the LAN switch
  • Performance - Content Engine has separate CPU processor for processing user data, and thus does not reduce performance router
  • Low cost of operation - the Content Engine module is supported router support service

The module is available for order, delivery from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 6-8 weeks. Below are the prices according to the GPL price list.


Price, USD


Content Engine Network Module, basic performance, 20-GB IDE hard drive



Content Engine Network Module, basic performance, 40-GB IDE hard drive



Content Engine Network Module, basic performance, SCSI controller (requires an external array SCSI disks)



Enterprise Application and Content Networking System Software version 4.0



RealSystem version 8 Proxy and Subscribe



Microsoft Windows Media Server version 4


Full description of the Content Engine network module

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