Race represents Sun StorageTek data storage systems.

Race Communications introduces a new generation of modular StorageTek data storage systems from Sun Microsystems. Sun Storagetek systems meet the stringent requirements of mission-critical applications and exceed existing solutions in terms of performance, storage density and flexibility. The balanced ratio of price and functionality, ease of deployment and maintenance make Sun Storagetek an attractive choice for data centers.

Currently, the line is represented by two models – StorageTek 6140 and 6540 with a data transfer rate of 4 Gbit/s. Sun Storagetek storage systems are protected from data loss due to power outages, and support replication, snapshot creation, and volume copying technologies. Complete duplication of components and reliable Sun service support ensure high availability and operability of the system.

The cost of the Sun StorageTek 6140 and 6540 data storage systems depends on the configuration, delivery from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

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