Race presents the Polycom MGC-25 video server.

The new Polycom MGC-25 video server is an "all in one” package offering based on the popular MGC-50/100 series of video servers. The compact MGC-25 device combines a gateway and a server for multipoint audio and video conferences and is designed for small and medium-scale enterprise networks.

The video server is available in six versions, and the Continuous Presence software mode for IP conferences is included in all MGC-25 configurations. Among the supported new technologies in MGC-25, it should be noted high-quality video in accordance with the ITU-T H.264 recommendation, the use of the proprietary broadband audio protocol Siren 14 with audio transcoding and the ability to work together on electronic documents People+Content (T.120).

The cost of Polycom MGC-25 video servers is from $22,000 to $80,000, delivered from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

Full description of Polycom MGC-25

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