Race presents the Radvision OnLAN MCU-323 video server.

Radvision OnLAN MCU-323 is a multipoint video conferencing server that supports up to 15 video and 24 audio users simultaneously with the built-in Continuous function Presence for 4 windows.

OnLAN MCU-323 is a functionally complete device that supports transfer rates from 64 to 1536 kbit/s according to the H.323 recommendation and real-time audio transcoding (G.723/G.711 and G.729/G.711). Universal OnLAN MCU-323 platform provides multiple simultaneous sessions of multipoint VCS, cascading from multiple devices and stack organization to increase the transfer rate. Made in a 1U high chassis, The MCU-323 is very easy to install and use and can be used to build both centralized and distributed solutions.

The cost of Radvision OnLAN MCU-323 is $19950, delivered from Race warehouse Communications in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

Full description of Radvision OnLAN MCU-323

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