Race introduces the high-speed ADC Megabit Modem 702G2.

Race Communications announces the launch of new devices of the popular Megabit Modem family. The new generation MM702G2 model operates on one and two pairs of copper telephone cable, which allows you to double the data transfer rate compared to conventional DSL modems and reach 4.6 Mbit/s.

The MM702G2 model performs the functions of an Ethernet bridge router and a DSL modem. Users are connected to the 10/100BaseT port with the MDI/MDI-X switch, G. SHDSL technology is used for data transmission over a copper line with a speed of up to 2.3 Mbit/s for one pair and up to 4.6 Mbit/s for two pairs.

The Ethernet port supports VLAN, up to 8 simultaneous PPP sessions, dynamic IP routing, NAT address translation, DHCP server and client. Management is carried out by means of the built-in SNMP agent and via TELNET sessions, new software versions can be installed remotely in FLASH memory. The line speed is adjusted automatically according to G. SHDSL technology or manually. The status of the device is indicated by LED indicators on the front panel.

Thanks to the support of the G. SHDSL standard, the MM702G2 equipment can be used for connection between each other (point-to-point) and with DSLAM access multiplexers. Security is provided by PAP/CHAP authentication tools, Web and Telnet passwords.

The retail price for Megabit Modem 702G2 is $695, there are special partner programs.

Delivery from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

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