Race recommends the Vtel WolfVision VZ-5F document camera.

The WolfVision VZ-5F portable document camera is the basic model of the Visualizer series, combining high image quality, compactness and mobility. This document camera can "see" objects not only on the desktop, so the WolfVision Visualizer VZ-5F can be used as a video camera for video conferencing, for showing large graphic works, paintings and diagrams.

The WolfVision Visualizer VZ-5F document camera has an eighteen-fold optical magnification and has a resolution of 400 horizontal lines. Automatic adjustment of contrast and white balance adjusts the optimal color ratios to obtain a bright and clear image. The camera copes well with the demonstration of glossy materials, because three-quarters of the desktop surface is protected from glare. To demonstrate negatives, for example X-rays, an LB-7 illumination tablet for WolfVision portable document cameras is optionally supplied.

The cost of WolfVision VZ-5F is $2500, delivered from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

Full description of Vtel WolfVision VZ-5F

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