Race announces the victory in the tender of Sberbank of Russia.

FSUE “Space Communications” and Race Communications announced the winners of the competition for the creation of the third stage of the satellite communication system of Sberbank of Russia. As part of the project, equipment will be supplied, the system will be installed and put into operation, as well as warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the network for five years. The third stage of Sberbank of Russia's satellite communications network consists of 500 stations with a single control center.

In the pilot part of the project, a central and 20 ground stations will be built in the West Siberian Bank of the SB of the Russian Federation in Tyumen. The Express-AM2 satellite is supposed to be used as a space segment of the network, the Yamal-200 satellite is a backup option. In the future, it is possible to expand the ground part of the satellite communication network to 1200 stations.

Race Communications commissioned the SPIN satellite network in 2004, built on the basis of ViaSat's LinkStar network equipment, so the system integrator has proven experience in building satellite networks.

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