Race announces the release of a new version of the software for Eicon Networks boards.

The main updates in the new version of the software for Eicon Networks Diva Server boards – Diva Server Software Suite 7.7 for Windows relate to boards with analog interfaces for connecting to PBX. Among other things, the functions of calling a consultant, transferring a call have been added, echo suppression algorithms have been improved, and more. The software is supported by 32-bit operating systems Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and Server 2003, as well as 64-bit OS Windows XP and Server 2003 for AMD-64 and Intel EM64.

Eicon Diva Server boards are designed to create computer telephony systems and access servers based on PCs and servers, including voice mail, IP telephony gateways, fax servers, call centers, etc.

The new version of the software for 32-bit OS can be obtained for free from the Eicon Networks websiteThe 64-bit OS version is scheduled for release on August 25, 2005.

Eicon Diva Server boards can be purchased at Race Communications from a warehouse or for delivery for 6 weeks, prices on the price list from $ 648, depending on the model and functionality.

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