Cisco Systems solutions for IP telephony.

Cisco Systems, the world leader in the production of network equipment and technologies, offers solutions for the implementation of classic voice applications and new generation applications using IP as transport. The components of these solutions are: Cisco Call Manager software, IP phones, telephone gateways from IP to PSTN (VOIP Gateways) and multimedia applications.

Cisco IP phones provide both familiar digital telephony services and completely new ones that have become available due to the transfer of telephone services to the data transmission environment. The IP phone family is one of the components of the Cisco AVVID architecture (Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data), the use of which allows you to implement multiservice in a data network.

A unified messaging system combines voice mail, e-mail and fax transmission into one application offering all the benefits of a truly unified technology. By connecting telephony and IP networks, Cisco allows users to send, receive and manage messages using any access device, regardless of the type of message.

Technical descriptions of Cisco Systems products:Unified Messaging, Contact Center, Call Manager

  • IP phones

  • IP conference station

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