SoundStation audio conferencing system.

System The SoundStation audio conference communication manufactured by Polycom is a functionally complete module in the form of a desktop console connected to an ordinary telephone line.

The familiar keyboard of a push-button telephone allows you to implement all the necessary functions in combination with ease of use. For the convenience of documenting negotiations , there is a special connector for connecting a tape recorder. Thus, SoundStation is a universal audio conferencing system for both personal use and for holding group conferences in meeting rooms and negotiations.

The use of digital signal processing processors in this system together with the most modern speech compression algorithms allows for effective echo cancellation, low level of reverberation and background noise, and the absence of parasitic communication "microphone - a loudspeaker."

The cost of the SoundStation system is $ 550, delivered from a warehouse in Moscow or within 4 weeks.

Full description of the SoundStation audio conferencing system

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