Cisco NSE-1 processor modules are being discontinued.

Race Communications informs that since March 2, 2004, sales of the Cisco NSE-1 processor module for Cisco 7200 series routers have been discontinued.

As a replacement, Race Communications experts recommend Cisco NPE-G1 processor modules with high performance, for which a wide range of Cisco IOS software versions are available. If the PXF functionality is not used, we can recommend the Cisco NPE-400 processor module, which has similar performance to the NSE-1.

Support for previously purchased Cisco NSE-1 processor modules will continue until March 2009, and software updates for NSE-1 will be released until March 2005.

The table shows the main comparative characteristics of the processor modules NSE-1, NPE-400 and NPE-G1.


 Model  RAM, std./max.  Performance, packets per second  Features  Cost* NSE-1
 128/256 MB  300.000  PXF matrix  $ 12000
 NPE-400  128/512 MB  400.000    $ 7500
 NPE-G1  256Mb/1 GB  up to 1 million.  Combines the input/output module, built-in ports.  $ 15000


* prices are listed according to the GPL price list for September 2003Description of the Cisco NPE-G1 processor module

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