StarBlazer starts providing services via Ka-Sat satellite.

StarBlazer satellite Internet announces the launch of a new broadband two-way satellite access service via the Eutelsat Ka-Sat 9A satellite (9° V. d).

The StarBlazer Ka-Sat service operates in a new Ka-band for the Russian market and meets the modern needs of users. The service provides access speeds of up to 18 Mbit/s and is provided on compact equipment, which greatly simplifies its transportation and installation. The cost of a network connection kit is 25,000 rubles. The service is available in a significant part of the European territory of Russia.

Ka-Sat (9 gr. V.D.) is a new communication satellite of Eutelsat Communications, with a total bandwidth of all transponders of more than 70 Gbit/s.
StarBlazer is a one–way and two-way satellite Internet operator for private users and legal entities. Starblizer LLC is part of the Race Group of companies.

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