Broadcast of the operation on VTEL equipment.

On October 19, 2000 , the KANE Insurance company, within the framework of the Insurance Telemedicine program, conducted the first real-time broadcast of a laparoscopic operation in the history of Russia from the operating room of the Family Planning and Reproduction Center.

The demonstration of the operation was carried out within the framework of the conference "LIVE WORLDWIDE VIDEO TRANSMISSION", held in Paris under the auspices of the European Societies of Gynecological Endoscopy. The course of the operation was discussed and evaluated by the largest experts from around the world. In addition to Russia, doctors from France and the USA shared their experience, Germany, Italy, Vietnam and Cameroon.

The telemedicine conference was held on VTEL equipment provided specifically for this session by Race Communications. According to the reviews of doctors and representatives of the insurance company, the image quality obtained on the provided equipment was one of the best and allowed doctors to provide a full sense of personal presence in the operating room.

The Galaxy MiniTower videoconferencing system was used directly for the broadcast, connected to the telemedicine network of the KANE Insurance company via the Encounter 3000 NetServer multipoint conference server and the H.320/H. gateway.323 Gateway. KANE Insurance Company noted the high professionalism of Race Communications employees who provided technical support for this project.

Race Communications plans to further promote VTEL equipment in the field of healthcare, since for Russia, with its vast spaces, the organization of telemedicine consultations has a special socio-economic significance: residents of remote regions will be able to receive advice from leading specialists of the country, and practical healthcare workers will have the opportunity to interact more closely with central research centers. and diagnostic centers.

You can read about the conference, the equipment used and the communication channels on the Telecom Forum server, in the material “Insurance Telemedicine” dated October 27, 2000.

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