The training center forms new groups for the course "Operation 65x0 MPR/Vanguard".

Authorized Race Training Center
    Communications together with the department
    “Information Technologies" of the">International
    engineering university invites
    administrators and engineers
of telecommunication networks for regular classes
    according to the course "Operation of 65x0 MPR/Vanguard". The most
    popular course of 1997-1998, using
    deserved attention among specialists,
    continues to improve today.


The terms of training are set by
    agreement with customers as filling
    study groups. The duration of training is 5 days.


The Anti-Crisis Program is in effect until March 15
    partner and customer support program
    Race Communications company
, providing basic
    discounts up to 35 - 40%
, as well as individual
on everything read in the training center


In the training program
    the following questions are included:

Day 1. Motorola routers and basic

     Overview of Motorola routers

     Working with Terminal
    Managing the Port

     Basic configuration

     External diagnostics

     The main problems

     Problems with SAK

    Lab 1 - Basic configuration


Day 2. X25 and PAD in Motorola routers

     Functions performed by X.25 and X.28

     Troubleshooting issues with X.25

     PAD functions performed

    Lab 2 - Building an X network.25. Configuring the port
    PADDay 3. Building Frame Relay Networks


Basic concepts


     Troubleshooting Frame Relay issues

    Lab 3 - Upgrading the X.25 network to Frame RelayDay 4. Routing and bridging


    routers and bridges

     Configuring SNMP

    Lab 4 - Building an IP network on top of Frame Relay


Day 5. Voice transmission functions in
    Motorola hardware

     Principles of voice transmission

     Hardware Setup

    Lab 5 - Voice traffic over the FR reference network


For more information about
the content and cost of this course, as
well as about other courses, you can find on our website in
the section “Training Center”.


Applications for training can be submitted to the
training center or to Race Communications managers by
    tel. (495)785-0770, fax: (495)158-4029, e-mail:">training@race.ruRace Communications specializes in

    system integration in the field of corporate and
telecommunication systems. Company
    offers solutions based on products and
technologies of the world's leading manufacturers
    network and computer equipment and software
    Software: Motorola ING, ADC (PairGain) to find out by phone (495) 785-0770, on the Web server or by email .

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