The Axis 2400 video server is a means of entering video into IP-based networks.

The Axis 2400 video server is a means of video input into IP-based networks with multiplexing function and support for up to 4 cameras, including 2 cameras with a panning module. On any computer in the network to which video servers are connected, you can receive high-quality video images from hundreds of video cameras with access from anywhere on the corporate network or the Internet.

Management, configuration and monitoring is carried out through a standard Web browser. Axis 2400 Camera Server created in accordance with Axis technology ThinServer, which includes "thin" versions of the most popular operating systems, Web management tools and a specialized 32-bit RISC ETRAX processor. The technology is based on open multithreaded architecture, provides connection to the network of devices without downloading file servers.

Axis 2400 is designed to build security video surveillance systems and remote monitoring via TCP/IP, is an effective complement to existing standard CCTV systems.

Retail price of Axis video server 2400 is $1315, delivery within four weeks.

Full description of the Axis 2400 video server

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