The Axis 2401 video server is designed for building CCTV systems over TCP/IP.

Axis 2401 Video Server
provides input and subsequent transmission
of high-quality JPEG images in any networks,
over telephone lines and on the Internet.. It is enough
to connect the video server to the network or to a modem to
watch "live"
images with a speed of 25(PAL)/30(NTSC) frames per second through a regular browser

The Axis 2401 camera server was created in accordance with
the ThinServer technology, which is based on an open
multithreaded architecture and provides
connection to the network of devices without downloading
file servers.

Axis 2401 is designed for building CCTV systems
over TCP/IP and has, in addition to one video input, one
video output for monitoring on a local monitor.
Axis 2401 supports TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP,
SMTP, ARP, BOOTP/PPP/CHAP/PAP network protocols.

FLASH memory allows
centralized or remote updates over
the network using the FTP protocol. All new versions
of the software are available on the Axis website
and are available for copying
free of charge.

The retail price of the Axis 2401 video server is
$786, delivery within four weeks.Full description
of the Axis 2401 video server

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