ViewStation MP - multipoint video conferences without using a video server.

Videoconferencing system Polycom's ViewStation MP allows you to organize ISDN conferences for 4 participants (128 kbit/s per channel) and up to 3 participants (256 kbit/s per channel) without using an additional video server. A DCP module (up to 512 kbit/s) has been specially developed for subscribers of the Definity PBX in collaboration with Avaya specialists, which can also be used for multipoint video conferencing in telephone digital networks.

Automatic voice guidance allows the camera to focus on the speaker, and a simple graphical user interface makes the ViewStation MP a natural and effective tool for conducting videoconferencing sessions in small conference rooms.

The ViewStation MP equipment is delivered within 7 days, the cost, depending on the volume of deliveries, ranges from $15,000 to $16,000.

Full description of ViewStation MP

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