ViewStation SP is a VCS system with the implementation of the H.263+ video coding standard.

SP is one of the first group
videoconferencing systems that implements
the H.263+ video encoding standard, which significantly
improves the quality of video transmission at a speed of
128 kbit/s. ViewStation SP operates on the ISDN network at speeds
of 128 or 384 kbit/s, depending on the model, and
allows connections in IP networks at
speeds up to 768 Kbit/s.A reasonable combination of the highest
image and sound quality with a reduced set of rarely
used additional interfaces make
this VCS model an excellent choice for
most users.

The minimal
cost and rich
videoconferencing capabilities of this system
are ideal for conducting "flying",
operational meetings or meetings of visiting
working groups.

The ViewStation SP equipment is delivered within 7
days, the cost, depending on the model,
ranges from $4,700 to $7,500.Full
description of ViewStation SP

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