A new software release for Novavox SmartPhone has been released.

Race Communications, an accredited partner of Novavox AG, which has the status of Smartphone Solution Provider, presents a new release of software for voice and universal mail SmartPhone version 3.5.

The new version of the software expands the functionality of the product and is complemented by several revolutionary novelties. First of all, this is a built-in speech recognition engine based on ScanSoft SpeachPearl software, where specially developed Russian-language phonemes were used for the first time and the "barge-in" function (interrupting the IVR system by voice) was used. The introduction of this technology with a carefully composed algorithm of speech interaction allows processing incoming calls even more efficiently by increasing the quality of service and saving human resources. A demo line for checking the quality of speech recognition is available by phone +7 (495) 786-9929.

Other novelties include speech synthesis. In Smartphone 3.5, it is proposed to use any "Text-to-Speech" product that supports an interface compatible with SAPI 5.1. Now the client will be able to choose which voice will read his email. Of the already existing ready-made solutions, the voice fax server Smartphone Voice Fax Server with a built-in voice mail system has undergone the greatest changes - a new driver has been developed for it, which provides greater speed and reliability of creating fax documents.

The SpeechPearl high-quality Russian speech recognition system complements the Smartphone 3.5 with the ability to receive user voice commands instead of tone dialing.

The cost of SmartPhone v. 3.5 - from $ 800, SpeachPearl 8.0 with a vocabulary of up to 50 words - $ 1064, delivery from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

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