A new WIC-4ESW for Cisco1700 has been released.

The new WIC-4ESW interface card for Cisco 1700 series modular routers is a small managed switch with 4 Fast Ethernet ports for connecting user devices. WIC-4ESW combines switching and routing of traffic on one platform. Additional features, such as support for virtual local area networks (VLANs), the Spanning Tree algorithm and traffic prioritization, provide flexibility in building networks.

WIC-4ESW cards are designed to be installed in the WAN expansion slots of Cisco 1700 series modular routers. No more than one such card is supported in the router chassis. Switched ports WIC-4ESW are used to connect personal computers, printers, servers, wireless access points and any other devices connected to a local network. At the same time, the 10/100 Fast Ethernet port integrated into the Cisco 1700 router can be used to connect a DSL or cable modem in the case of a high-speed connection to a WAN network.

The built-in 4-port switch has several useful functions that help in setting up and operating the network. In addition to automatic detection of the speed and mode of operation of the Ethernet port (unidirectional or bidirectional), the new module implements the function of determining the type of connected cable. The ports of the built-in switch independently determine which cable is connected to the device, straight or inverted.

The managed embedded switch supports the 802.1Q virtual LAN marking protocol, 802.1p traffic prioritization, and the Spanning Tree (STP) protocol - 802.1D. Support for virtual local area networks (VLANs) and the 802.1Q standard allows you to organize several separate local area networks. This approach is widely used in the construction of logically separated networks and the organization of so-called DMZ zones. To ensure the required performance of applications that are important from a business point of view, algorithms for prioritization and identification of the type of traffic are used.

Technical specifications:4 switched 10/100BASE-T Fast Ethernet ports with automatic detection of speed, duplex, as well as the type of cable used (straight, inverted)

  • Non-blocking traffic switching speed between switch ports
  • Up to 16 802.1Q virtual LANs for the organization of logically separated networks and DMZ zones, with the possibility of routing between virtual LANs
  • Up to 4 virtual local area networks per port
  • 802.1p traffic prioritization
  • Support for the 802.1D - Spanning Tree protocol
  • Supported Cisco router models: 1721, 1751, 1751-V, 1760 and 1760-V
  • Minimum Cisco IOS Software version: 12.3(2)XC, 12.4T. IP Basic or IOS IP

The cost of the WIC-4ESW interface card is $ 400, delivered from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 6-8 weeks.

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