Wireless LAN is a new specialization of Race Communications.

Race Communications has received a new status of specialization of Cisco Systems in the field of building wireless local area networks – Wireless LAN Specialization.

Using Cisco Systems equipment, Race Communications has implemented many different projects to build wireless access networks for corporate customers and telecom operators. During the implementation of these projects, the company's employees gained significant practical experience, which was confirmed in the process of obtaining the Wireless LAN specialization.

Obtaining the Wireless LAN specialization once again confirmed the success of Race Communications in providing high-quality service for the development, supply and implementation of technically complex information systems. The work of both the pre-sale support staff and the technical department staff engaged in the direct setup and adjustment of equipment was highly appreciated.

Recently, wireless technologies have become very widespread. Telecom operators provide high-quality and high-speed access without significant costs for cable work. Corporate customers provide mobile employees with secure access from anywhere in the office. Students and students of educational institutions use wireless networks to access the Internet directly from the classrooms of schools and institutes. "Give up the wires" is a slogan that is becoming more and more relevant these days.

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