Smartphone compatibility tests with Hicom 300 have been completed.

Race Communications, being a supplier of both telephone exchanges and voice and universal mail services and call centers, offers comprehensive solutions for corporate telephony, including Siemens equipment and Novavox software.

In this regard, Race Communications draws the attention of customers to the fact that manufacturers Siemens and Novavox have conducted official tests of the compatibility of the Smartphone 3.0 system with the Hicom 300 H PBX and the possibility of using it as a voice mail system, fax mailing, auto secretary, etc.

Test report

The following system abilities have been tested:

  • Perceive incoming and outgoing calls
  • Dial a number, make a statement call on hold, perform call switching
  • Correctly perceive and process accordingly the following PBX tones are Hicom 300 H: station response, call dispatch control, busy tone, special tone ("impossible")
  • Correctly recognize the DTMF signals transmitted from the Hicom PBX: A-send, B-send, Predia
  • Turn on and off the "mail" LED mailbox" on Hicom 300 PBX system devices to indicate the presence of new messages in the subscriber's mailbox

According to the conclusion of the technical commission on all these points , the system Smartphone 3.0, after appropriate configuration , showed full compatibility with the Hicom 300 H PBX, which is attested in the test protocol.

Smartphone Description VoicemailDescription of Hicom 300

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