The next cycle of training at the Cisco Network Academy has been completed.

Race Communications Training Center NewsThe next cycle of training in

Cisco Network Academy of the International Engineering University. Eight specialists from the organizations with which the CJSC cooperates “Race-Communication” for the creation of corporate networks, completed a full course of training under the program CNAP (Cisco Networking Academy Program) for CCNA qualification (Cisco Certified Networking Associate). The high level of training allowed six students of the Academy to immediately pass the final qualification exam at the SAMAN MATI International Testing Center (Authorized Prometric Testing Center).

See their grades on the left, and on the right – a photo with teachers on the day of the exam.

Alexander Kondorsky - 956 points
Alexey Zaitsev - 924 points
Konstantin Pobudzei - 924 points
Marcel Marginet - 956 points
Oleg Feoktistov - 956 points
Sergey Kravets - 967 pointsPassing score = 849,

Maximum number of points = 1000

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