The magazine "The World of communication. Connect!"about Race Communications network solutions.

On the server of the journal "World of Communication. Connect!" published an article about Race network solutions Communications: -

"At the Svyaz-Expocomm 2001 exhibition, Race Communications implemented a new concept for its exposition, presenting twelve solutions to telecommunications problems covering almost all areas of activity.
These are packet telephony, digital subscriber line technology, solutions for corporate telephony, videoconferencing systems, a multiservice network of a small telecom operator , a Locator mobile object monitoring system, WLL wireless subscriber access systems, wireless network equipment Radio Ethernet, the organization of radio relay communication lines, the module of the base station of the radio communication "BARS", Web-design and training of specialists. It is impossible to tell about all twelve solutions in one publication, so we will focus only on those that attracted the most attention of visitors ..."

The full text of the article in the journal "The World of communication. Connect!", No. 6, p. 66

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