Tests - the E1 channel is organized in a few hours.

Race Communications specialists have successfully tested the Watson Links system of Schmid Telecom on the copper trunk channels of one of their customers working in the oil and gas industry.

The Watson Links transmission system is designed for digitalization of ICM30 and similar lines, as well as for the organization of long-distance communication lines. The parameters of the equipment are optimized taking into account the peculiarities of Russian wired highways. Watson Links allows you to transmit the E1 stream along sections of copper cable with a core diameter of 0.9 and 1.2 mm over a distance of 18-23 km, and when using regenerators with remote power, the total transmission distance can reach 210 km. Compared to traditional systems such as the ICM30, Watson Links is easier to maintain, more resistant to interference and has enhanced functionality.

When testing the system consisting of station and subscriber sets and 5 regenerators, the digital stream E1 was organized in a line with a total length of about 93 km. During the daily tests, not a single erroneous data frame was recorded. At the same time, the system did not affect the quality of transmission of K60P streams over other copper pairs in the same cable.

Race Communications engineers noted the ease of installation and quick setup of Watson Links equipment: two specialists needed only a few hours of pure time to organize the digital channel E1.

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