Changes in the line of Cisco network modules.

Race Communications informs that since the beginning of 2004, sales of NM-1FE2W and NM-2FE2W network modules for Cisco 3600 and 3700 series multiservice routers and Cisco 2691 models have been discontinued.

As a replacement, it is recommended to use new network modules NM-1FE2W-2V and NM-2FE2W-2V, identical to the discontinued ones in terms of cost, functional characteristics and performance.

The new modifications have only one significant difference, which is a limited number of Cisco IOS software versions that support these modules. The required minimum version of Cisco IOS software is 12.2(12)M, 12.3M and 12.2(13)T3. Technical support for previously purchased NM-1FE2W and NM-2FE2W modules will continue until the end of 2008, and support in Cisco IOS software will be implemented either up to version 12.4 or until the end of 2006 (in depending on what comes first).

Please note that this announcement of the end of sales does not apply to the NM-1FE1R2W and NM-2W modules.

The cost of the modules is shown in the table, delivery from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 6-8 weeks.


 NM-1FE2W-V2  1 10/100 Ethernet with 2 WAN Card Slot Network Module  $2,300
 NM-2FE2W-V2  2 port 10/100 Ethernet with 2 WAN Card Slot Network Module  $3,200
 NM-1FE1R2W  1 10/100 Ethernet 1 4/16 Token-Ring 2 WAN Card Slot NM  $3,500
 NM-2W  2 WAN Card Slot Network Module(no LAN)  $1,500
 NM-1CE1T1-PRI  1-Port Channelized E1/T1/ISDN-PRI Network Module  $2,600
 NM-2CE1T1-PRI  2-Port Channelized E1/T1/ISDN-PRI Network Module  $4,200


Additional information:About the termination of deliveries since the beginning of 2004 of modular routers of the Cisco 3600 series.

Universal E1/T1 PRI modules NM-1CE1T1-PRI and NM-2CE1T1-PRI, which are recommended to be used instead of discontinued multiservice modules NM-1FE1CT1, NM-1FE1CT1-CSU, NM-1FE1CE1B, NM-1FE1CE1U, NM-1FE2CT1, NM-1FE2CT1-CSU, NM-1FE2CE1B, NM-1FE2CE1U.

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