Avaya IP600 communication server.

Avaya IP600 communication Server is an IP telephony server characterized by the highest possible reliability, quality of speech transmission, functionality and network performance. The IP600 server is designed for clients who need from 20 to 200 IP phones at one point plus the possibility of a distributed build-up of up to 12,000 IP phones with a common numbering plan, equally accessible services and centralized management.

The functions of the server, designed to be installed in a 19-inch rack, include multimedia voicemail, conference calls for six subscribers, call forwarding and shortened dialing in converged IP networks without the use of any additional application servers and other devices.

IP600 supports the latest call routing technologies for operator centers. The server is easily integrated with Avaya and other QSIG-compatible switches over an IP network. There are seven universal slots for installing additional applications, including wireless communication. IP600 provides transparent access to modern applications over an IP network and has a developed set of application interfaces, which allows you to work with third-party applications in the same way as with Avaya applications.

The cost of the Avaya IP600 communication server is $300 per port with a station capacity of 180 subscribers, with an increase in capacity, the cost of the port decreases. Equipment delivery - within 4-6 weeks.

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