New products from Cisco Systems - routers of the 12000 series.

Cisco Systems, the world leader in network technology, has introduced a new series of gigabit routers 12000, which will strengthen its leading position among suppliers of equipment and solutions for service providers.

The following new equipment has appeared:

  • interface modules optimized for use on the network periphery, built on based on a specialized processor for 12000 series (Cisco 12000 Series IP Service Engine - ISE), and providing high-speed services
  • Internet router 12404, which is the junior a model of the 12400 router family with ports 10Gbps

The listed products will significantly improve the performance of the backbone equipment of operator-class IP networks.

The new model of the Cisco 12404 router is designed for installation both in central nodes and on the periphery of the network at the points of presence of the provider.

At the moment, the Cisco 12400 router series four devices are included:

  • Cisco 12416 is a high-performance and highly reliable Internet router with the ability to install up to 16 interface modules
  • Cisco 12410 - high-performance Internet router with the ability to install up to 10 interface modules
  • Cisco 12406 - high-performance Internet router with the ability to install up to 6 interface modules operating at speeds of 10 Gbit/s
  • Cisco 12404 - the new junior model of the series Internet routers 12000, with the possibility of installation of up to 4 interface modules

New ISE interface modules allow operators to install 12000 routers series at remote points of presence, although initially these devices were intended to handle traffic only in the core of the network.

With six new ISE cards, Cisco 12000 Series routers combine the highest data processing speed with unprecedented flexibility and scalability, allowing providers to offer new services.

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