A new package offer based on the Avaya S8300 communication server.

Race presents a new package offer for small and medium-sized offices based on the Avaya S8300 communication server, designed specifically for the Russian market.  The package offer includes:

  • Offer A software for 140 ports (including 102 licenses for connecting IP phones)

  • IP telephony gateway with a capacity of up to 64 channels

  • Module E1 (ISDN-PRI)

  • a board for 8 analog two-wire ports

  • built-in module for recording ads for 20 minutes of studio quality

  • 10/100 Ethernet module with 16 ports

  • IP-Softphone license

The core of the package offer is the Avaya S8300 communication server, which is built on the basis of the G700 gateway and the S8300 control processor and combines the multifunctional capabilities of the Avaya MultiVantage software. Avaya S8300 provides opportunities for telephony of small and medium-sized offices, as well as branches and branches of enterprises.

Internal subscribers' access to telephone communication services can be organized both on the basis of a local data transmission network and traditional channels for analog or digital subscribers. The unique architecture of Avaya MultiVantage allows you to optimally combine various voice transmission technologies, maximize the benefits and capabilities of various communication channels, communication protocols and existing legacy equipment.

The cost of the package is $ 20100, delivered from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

Full description of Avaya S8300

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